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For Injured Workers

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For Injured Workers

 What are your next steps as an injured worker?  

RAS is your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance carrier. As a result of injury on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation insurance through RAS. We are committed to providing professional claims service to help employees recover from their work related injury and return to work as soon as possible.

First Steps are Important!

To ease your claim process, remember the following steps are important: 

  1. Immediately report your injury to your supervisor. Telling a co-worker does not constitute filing a first report of injury. You should always try to report a claim immediately after you incur an injury. It is not recommended that you “wait and see” how you feel later.
  2. Report your injury immediately and unless it is an emergency, visit with your employer on where you will seek medical treatment, prior to seeking any medical attention.
  3. It is important that you collaborate with your employer throughout this process. They have your best interest at heart!
  4. Be prepared to give all specific details relating to your injury, including exact time, location, what you were specifically doing, names of witnesses, etc.
  5. Complete all necessary paperwork with the appropriate personnel within your company.
  6. If your employer provides you with any paperwork to give to the treating physician, be sure to bring that with you to your appointment(s).
  7. Return all appropriate paperwork to your supervisor and/or appropriate personnel within your company. This includes any documentation relating to work restrictions. It is critical that you work closely with your employer on work related restrictions.
  8. Once your claim is filed, a claims examiner from RAS may call you to check to see how you are doing and to obtain any additional information from you. If you receive a phone message from them, please call them back as soon as possible. Timeliness is critical to ensure your claims progresses smoothly.
  9. Following every medical appointment or therapy session, you need to communicate the status of your injury and appointment details to your supervisor and/or appropriate person within your company, as well as your assigned Claims Examiner. This is your responsibility and is critical in the handling of your claim.
  10. When you are done treating for your workplace injury, you need to communicate this to your supervisor and your claims examiner from RAS.

Please call our Claims Support Center at 877.585.1117 during normal business hours. The Center will provide you with assistance in handling your questions.