RAS  - Risk Administration Services


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RAS has extensive expertise in risk management which brings a unique approach to addressing employer’s workers’ compensation issues. We are driven by the desire to provide high-quality, effective, and efficient services at a fair price to customers that need and value those characteristics, and who seek a long-term partner in successfully managing their workers' compensation programs.

 Case Management
Registered Nurse case managers provide professional 24-hour guidance for employee medical needs. We’ll ensure that quality health care isn’t compromised and – avoid the cost of unnecessary medical services and procedures.

 Loss Control
Our team of highly credentialed professionals, led by a PhD and university professor of human factors, go beyond compliance, optimizing safety in the workplace. We offer a thorough review of workplace policies and procedures, providing clients with insightful solutions that can generate greater safety, productivity and profitability.

 Medical Bill Review
Our bill review system is integrated to include all elements of medical cost containment, including review of bills to regulatory fee schedules, PPO reductions, incorporation of medical/disability management recommendations, claim system integration and automated reporting. Service can utilize traditional mail or be virtually paperless. 

 Preferred Provider Organization
Customers enrolled in our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) benefit from excellent nationwide network coverage, competitive rates, and high provider standards.

 Third Party Administration
Successfully addressing cost and fairness, our claims management programs can save your clients time and money without diminishing the quality of care to injured employees. We can also manage liability and property claims, ensuring compliance with complicated state laws and mandates.