RAS  - Risk Administration Services


History of RAS

RAS (Risk Administration Services, Inc.) began as a working unit in 1977 as the insurance department of All-American, Inc. The people of this department worked together through the acquisitions, mergers, divestitures, and bankruptcy of an organization that grew to be the fifth largest trucking company in the nation. At its peak, the risk administration department annually generated more than $10 million in insurance premiums and administered $20 million in claims.

The department was kept intact after the closing of the companies to handle the run-off claims. The employees seized the opportunity to form Risk Administration Services, Inc., as a separate independent corporation in July of 1989.

RAS is lead by entrepreneurs whose history demonstrates a good business sense combined with the willingness to innovoate and evolve. Since inception, RAS has steadily increased its group to include partnerships formed to provide particular services necessary to the administration of workers' compensation insurance. The first venture undertaken was forming Dakota Truck Underwriters (DTU), a reciprocal insurance company, borne out of a difficult market in 1989 to meet the needs of trucking companies in the upper Midwest who simply could not obtain affordable Workers’ Compensation liability insurance from larger carriers or involuntary markets. Subsequently in 1995, RAS formed a stock insurance company, First Dakota Indemnity Company (FDI), to fill a need in the insurance marketplace not necessarily served by DTU. Collectively known as the Dakota Group, these insurers have grown to be the largest voluntary writers of Workers’ Compensation insurance in South Dakota and one of the largest in the Upper Midwest.