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Report a Claim

Report a Claim

of the employer receiving notification of injury

Use our secure web portal
myRAS to report an injury online.

Call us at 877.585.1117 and provide the claim information to a
Claims Service Representative over the phone.

Completed First Report of Injury forms
can be e-mailed to RAS at: firstreports@rascompanies.com.

Complete the First Report of Injury form
and fax us at 877.884.6573.

  • State Statutes require that an employer must file a First Report of Injury whenever an employee claims to have been injured at work.
  • Whether or not the employer disputes the claim has no bearing on the employer's obligation to file the First Report of Injury with its insurer. 
  • Filing the First Report of Injury does not admit liability.
  • Failure to file the First Report of Injury or late filing of the First Report of Injury may subject the employer to penalties and/or lawsuits under the workers’ compensation law. 

As your workers' compensation administrator, we will investigate all claims.
If you have concerns about a claim, please advise us of those concerns, and
we will investigate the claim thoroughly.


 RAS' Pharmacy Benefit Program  

A cost containment service offered by RAS is the Pharmacy Benefit Program which provides employers a process to monitor the following:

  • Utilization of the injured employee’s prescription medication
  • The physician prescribing the medication
  • The Pharmacist filling the prescription

On average the RAS Pharmacy Benefit Program saves employers over 74% on billed prescription charges. This discounted pricing is available through over 62,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. The program savings ultimately impacts the costs of employer’s workers' compensation insurance through lowered overall claim costs.

An employer insured with RAS is automatically enrolled in our Pharmacy Benefit Program. Employers have immediate access via the Prescription Coverage card which is provided at policy issuance or sent to the injured employee when RAS is notified of a workers’ compensation injury.

Benefits of the RAS’ Pharmacy Benefit Program include:

  1. Professional management of prescriptions
  2. The prescription card allows immediate access to fill necessary prescriptions
  3. There is no co-pay to the injured employee
  4. 24/7 Customer Service is available
  5. Employers savings reports are available