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Injury Prevention and Management Services

RAS’ loss control department goes beyond loss control to disability prevention and workplace optimization. We help employers create working environments that enable workers to remain healthy, productive, and comfortable in their jobs. We know that it is important to be both proactive and reactive when it comes to reducing injury frequency and severity, reducing insurance costs, and increasing employee retention. Therefore, our team helps to implement processes for both injury prevention and injury management that are effective and sustainable.

RAS applies a Human Factors and Occupational Health philosophy to risk management. Our highly trained, experienced staff includes individuals with specific expertise in occupational therapy, human factors/ergonomics, kinesiology, psychology, stay at work/return to work, industrial hygiene, and regulations/compliance. Thus, our loss control staff has the experience and ability to identify and control employer’s work related exposures. In addition, we use scientific methodologies in assessing risks and in implementing solutions which allows us to identify the services that will most successfully enhance an employer’s existing program as well as measure the impact of those services on work injuries.


 Injury Prevention  

  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Safety Committee and Program Development
  • Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention
  • Injury Prevention and Management Topic Training, Conferences, and Seminars
  • Ergonomics Services
  • OSHA/Government Regulatory and Compliance Program Assistance
  • Industrial Hygiene Testing
  • Challenging Behavior Injury Reduction Program
  • New Employee Hiring and Selection

 Injury Management  

  • Risk Factor Analysis
  • Injury Investigation
  • Stay at Work/Return to Work (SAW/RTW)
  • Modified Duty, Alternative Job Placements, Job Matching Studies



With RAS, you can now modernize your training program, eliminate the expense of traditional regulatory safety instruction, and increase efficiency and productivity -- at no cost.

eLEARN is our online safety training system available at no cost to our policyholders.



  • RAS’s online safety training courses are faster than traditional instruction, recovering half of the time spent on classroom based instructions.
  • All regulatory updates are included automatically, so your workforce is never out of balance with change.
  • Courses are interactive which increases retention and comprehension.
  • The courseware is intuitively simple, designed for the novice computer user.
  • eLearning libraries are Cloud accessible for anywhere, anytime training.

Occupational Safety & Health, Construction Safety, Food Handler, Environmental Management, and Healthcare are just a few of the categories of our online training courses.

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