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Workers' Compensation. Loss Control. Claims Management.

These words are on the minds of business owners seeking solutions to this difficult and often misunderstood cost of doing business. At RAS, workers' compensation is what we do, and who we are. Dare we say, no one does it better! We are proud of our A- rating from A.M. Best. Our company is propelled by passionate, skilled professionals who work hard every day to make sure we stay on top of our game. We aim to provide an amazing customer experience to our agents and insureds that builds credibility, trust, and confidence.

Protecting resources, serving people.  That's the bottom line in workers' compensation.

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Featured Articles and Blogs

Hope for Employers

Hope for Employers: The Impact of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and Compulsory Medical Examinations.

Sue Simons, Staff Attorney, for RAS was featured as a guest blogger for Boyce Law Firm, LLP. 

Protecting Workers from Heat-Related Illness

Protecting Workers from Heat-Related Illness:

Lori Berdahl, Loss Control and Ergonomic Specialist, discusses how to protect workers from heat exhaustion in this article for MED magazine.

What is an Industrial Athlete?

Kelly Marshall, Loss Control and Ergonomic Specialist, wrote an article for MED magazine. Learn how employers can shift their focus from treating their employees simply as a producer of goods or services to treating them like the Industrial Athlete they truly are.


Smartphone Ergonomics Here's How to Protect Your Neck, Back, and Hands

Jeff Roach, Loss Control and Ergonomic Specialist, wrote an article for MED magazine. With more people now owning a smartphone, along with increased use of the devices for both work and leisure activities, it is not surprising to see ergonomic issues develop.